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Dorset Industrial Archaeology Society
is for all those interested in the industrial archaeology and industrial history of Dorset. Interests of our members include all aspects of traditional industry, also agriculture, transport, and military history and remains.

We have regular winter evening meetings, normally in Dorchester. Summer outside visits are also a feature of the programme.

New members and visitors are always welcome.


For more information please contact


For more information please contact

All meetings

until further notice

 As we are all aware, the current situation with regard to coronavirus is causing unprecedented disruption to our lives.  Government advice has been given with regard to limiting the spread and clear guidance given to those who are most at risk.

Given that many of our members would be considered as falling within the higher risk category, and not wishing to in any way oblige both members and visiting speakers to feel they need to support events whilst this situation exists, your Committee have taken the difficult decision to cancel all future meetings until further notice.

We feel that this is a proportionate response to the ongoing situation and we, of course, would seek to re-invite the speakers at a later date to give their talk.  I trust you all understand this.

Of course, if you want to keep busy, our Editor would dearly love to receive articles for the Newsletters – any format considered.